Speedo cable

One of the days after work when the bike had been tampered with I noticed that the speedo was no longer working.

As it says in the Haynes, always look for the simplest cause for the problem. So I required a new speedo cable. None of the shops I called into had the cable I was looking for but the place I bought my first bike said they could get the cable in the next week. That was in December.

Until now I have been gauging my speed by looking at the rev counter and knowing what gear I'm in. For example, 4th gear @ 4,000rpm is about 60 km/h. Last week I bit the bullet and bought a new cable on ebay. It cost around 20 euro and was delivered this morning. Took 5 minutes to fit and now the speedo (not to mention the tripometer!) is working fine.

I'll take come photographs and do up a post on how to change the speedo cable soon.