To Do

So here's the To Do list for the bike at the moment. I'll add things to it and mark things off as done every once and a while (more like when I get around to it!), any suggestions as to upgrades or modifications are more than welcome, just post a comment below.

(In no particular order!!)

Oil change - done
New oil filter - done
New spark plugs (2) - done
Clean off crud from chain and apply oil (ongoing) - done
Replace air filter - done
Clean up fairings and tank - done
Replace rear view mirrors - done
Clean front wheel - done
Adjust gear selection lever - done
Tax Bike and Fit tax disc holder - done
Clean rear wheel
Spray forward controls black
Spray footpeg metal
Replace footpegs
Refurbish bar end weights - done
Replace front brake and clutch levers (black)
Change brake line and clutch cable (with braided hoses)
Remove windshield (maybe in the summer)
Replace/refurbish chrome on headlamp
Change bulb on headlamp for xenon or similar
Change coolant
Replace jubilee clips on coolant hoses
Spray grabrail black
Remove exhaust and refurbish
Remove header pipes and refurbish (possibly wrap them?)
Clean rad cover
Clean radiator and restore paint on sides
Repair seat (torn at rear)
Install immobiliser
Add disc lock holder to rear footpeg
Adjust slack in chain
Clean up rear swingarm
Replace fork seals
Refurbish fork legs
Change brake pads (front and rear)
Clean brake calipers (front and rear)
Fix steering lock mechanism (locks to the right but not to the left)
Fix stiff choke
Repair either valve or slow puncture in front tyre (possibly replace both tyres for winter)
Refurbish handlebars
Add locking valve caps
Check valve clearances (and possibly replace shims)
Install quick release fuel coupler
New Fuel filter (this is inside the tank, could be tricky)
New HT leads
Replace indicators with more modern ones, not super small but potentially LED ones - done
Install LED "running lights" into new footpegs (diagram this idea)
Fuel gauge for clocks (no more relying on tripometer)
Sure may aswell have a clock too!
Change fork oil
Replace handlebar grips
Add a fenda-extenda (mudflap)
Possibly add a rear hugger
Respray all fairings black (and fill in Form R111 for motor tax purposes)
Get a genuine toolkit (or a genuine tool bag and quality tools to suit)
Replace all bolts with hex bolts (get a tub of bolts from
Replace engine bolts (careful with this, will need a bottle-jack)
New cap pivot (there's one missing)
Balance carbs
Change brake fluid

Eventually I'll probably rejet the carbs, put on a carbon exhaust and throw in a K&N air filter too.

Found this page great as a parts reference page

Possibly also replace the footpegs with MX style ones

I'll be adding things to this list over time too, so keep an eye out.


I bought my Honda CB500 on the last day of June 2008. It was first registered in Great Britain in 1997 and imported to Ireland sometime in 2001.

It's in fairly tidy shape for it's age (11 years old, almost the same age as my nephew!) and I christened it by taking it from Galway back to Dublin on ~200km of a trip.

I'll post up a few pics of it shortly.

I'll be doing a To Do list for it also and will update my progress as I go along. Have the trusty Haynes which came with it at purchase (thanks TB!).

With ~52,500km on the clock it's done a lot but with the engine rated for 300,000km it's got a whole lot more to do!