Sometimes there just aren't words...

Minor disaster this morning. Chain snapped just down the road from home. I had heard a snap and lost power. Then I revved the engine I could hear a rattle. First I thought it was the clutch cable but clutch action seemed fine. So I pulled in. All sorts of things start going through your head in a situation like that. I even though, "f**k I hope it's not a piston or something!"

Put the bike on it's stand and took a look. The chain was trailing behind the bike. Bike seems to be running fine but won't know if there's any serious damage until I get a look at it later on.

Yanked the chain out from the front sprocket and had to walk the bike home. Was sweating buckets by the time I got back and got into work an hour and a half late.

Will take a look later on to see what the story is with damage etc but at the very least I'll be replacing the chain. I'll possibly do the sprockets too while I'm at it.

Bugger anyway...

Speedo cable

One of the days after work when the bike had been tampered with I noticed that the speedo was no longer working.

As it says in the Haynes, always look for the simplest cause for the problem. So I required a new speedo cable. None of the shops I called into had the cable I was looking for but the place I bought my first bike said they could get the cable in the next week. That was in December.

Until now I have been gauging my speed by looking at the rev counter and knowing what gear I'm in. For example, 4th gear @ 4,000rpm is about 60 km/h. Last week I bit the bullet and bought a new cable on ebay. It cost around 20 euro and was delivered this morning. Took 5 minutes to fit and now the speedo (not to mention the tripometer!) is working fine.

I'll take come photographs and do up a post on how to change the speedo cable soon.

Quick update

So I haven't gotten the chance to do much with the bike in the last few weeks except for give it an occasional clean.

The weather has been altogether cack the last few weeks too so my lovely CB is fast becoming my dirty winter hack!

Have been ordering parts and have them all ready to go but just don't have the time and can't get the breaks to get them fitted. Currently in line are:

  • New levers

  • Clutch cable

  • Brake pads - both front and rear

  • an easy disconnect Fuel Coupling

  • new coolant

Going to have the brake pads done this week or else next week when I get paid. Would do these myself except on my daily driver I'd rather have something done professionally. Might replace the pads on the dt myself though (as soon as I get that project off the ground).

Hopefully getting a workshop sorted in the coming months. Until next time...

Just came across this website: Haven't had an opportunity to look at the videos yet but I like the idea.

What I wouldn't give to have a workshop to do work on my bikes in... The carpark of an apartment block isn't the most ideal workplace! :-)