Sometimes there just aren't words...

Minor disaster this morning. Chain snapped just down the road from home. I had heard a snap and lost power. Then I revved the engine I could hear a rattle. First I thought it was the clutch cable but clutch action seemed fine. So I pulled in. All sorts of things start going through your head in a situation like that. I even though, "f**k I hope it's not a piston or something!"

Put the bike on it's stand and took a look. The chain was trailing behind the bike. Bike seems to be running fine but won't know if there's any serious damage until I get a look at it later on.

Yanked the chain out from the front sprocket and had to walk the bike home. Was sweating buckets by the time I got back and got into work an hour and a half late.

Will take a look later on to see what the story is with damage etc but at the very least I'll be replacing the chain. I'll possibly do the sprockets too while I'm at it.

Bugger anyway...