The End!

Finally got sick of the "off the road, fix it up, break it again" CB500. It's gone. I was nearly glad to see it go! But then again, after all the time, money and attention I gave it I'm still a little sad to see it go.

Brought it down to MotoTechnic run by some of the soundest lads around and had the fork seals done on it and an oil and filter change done while it was there. Took a tour of their workshop, drank copious amounts of coffee and had a look at some of the bikes they had for sale. After my fifth cup of coffee I was handed keys for a yellow VFR800 (the FI one, just pre-VTEC) and was told "put some juice in it and take it for a spin."

Because I hadn't been on the CB much I decided I'd stay off the motorway and stick to riding it around in traffic. Man that V4 was smooth! It was well clean too. Standard can still on it but when the throttle was hammered there was a sweet sound out of it. Being followed for the first 10 minutes of my spin by a hearse wasn't the best of signs though! Ha ha!

So anyway, I decided that it would be a decent bike to upgrade to from the CB. Upon my return I said I'd have a think about it, ring the insurance company to find out what the damage would be and talk to the credit union about a loan. I also wanted to get rid of the CB and my old (2007) DT on trade in. All done and dusted a few weeks later and I've now got a VFR in banana yellow! Wasn't too gone on the colour to begin with but it's kind of grown on me. That said, once I have the money I think I might get it resprayed.

So that's it. The CB is gone. Such a great and easy bike to work on. I can't promise I won't buy another one again and do something special with it (cafe racer anyone?). I'll whack up the last of the pics at some point in the future but I'll have to make myself another blog for the VFR. First post will explain how to remove the saddle! Working without a Haynes on the VFR for the moment as I don't have the 40 odd quid for a new one from Halfords. Anyway, watch this space on that one!