To windshield or not to windshield

So, while looking at repairing the indicators after I dropped the bike I had to remove the headlight. When I started loosening the bolts (12mm bolts, one each side) I noticed the windshield was coming loose. Afraid I had broken one of the fixings when I dropped the bike last Sunday I took hold of it from the top in order to keep undoing the headlight bolt and the entire windshield came off the bike in my hands.

Only when I looked at it did I realise that it was that way by design and that I hadn't broken it *phew*! I've kept it off the bike for the moment. It certainly makes the CB look a lot meaner but the difference while riding is noticable. At speeds of 50/60 km/h (30/40 mph for you imperial nuts) there is a noticable pressure on my chest. Not like someone punching me but a consistent push from the wind all the same. Once I sort the indicators I'll probably put the windshield back on (after a good polish and clean up of course).

Here are some pics for those interested:


From the side:

Detail of the fitting that slots onto the headlight bolt:

I'll throw up some pics comparing the bike with and without the windshield soon too.

Edited 25/10/08: Headlight bolts are 12mm not 14mm