Dropped the bike yesterday...

Bah, so embarrasing. Grabbed a handful of brake when I shouldn't have on gravel in a car park. Bike went from underneath me. Ended up dropping the Cibby. Smashed the front left indicator, bent the bar end and cracked the rear left indicator. Going to replace all of the indicators with ones I bought in Halfords and also replace the stock bar ends with carbon fibre ones.

Will post some pictures of the damage and of the repairs also soon.

Update 25/10/08: Pictures of the damage. Circled in green in the gimp (my first attempt so forgive the amateurish nature of the circles) and a close up of the engine casing damage.

Damaged areas:

The Engine casing (well, gear box casing really):

There's also a slight dent in the front left hand side of the tank from where the handlebars must have hit (either that or a large rock) which I'll get taken out when I respray the bike.