Why do I always end my posts with "Updates Soon"?

The 7 inch headlight assembly I ordered arrived from eBay shortly after I posted last. I took it out of the box expecting something truly magnificent but was let down... The lovely chrome leadlight I had seen in the pictures and presumed was metal was made from chromed plastic. The only part of it which was metal was the rim.

"Great," I thought. I could use the rim on the existing headlight bowl and I'd be back in business. Not so. The design wasn't the same. I probably should have guessed before I tried to make it fit.

Anyway, I said enough is enough and went onto David Silver's website and shelled out for a new headlight rim that I knew would definitely fit. It was delivered in about a week and I had to admire it for a few minutes before fitting it. (It actually makes the headlight bowl look a bit shabby to be honest!)

Charged up the batter on Saturday two weeks ago and took the bike to the petrol station. Both tyres were pretty badly flat. The rear was about 4psi. Scary stuff!

Gave the CB a bit of a wash and a thrash around by Raheny and the coast road last Saturday in order to make sure that the battery was ok and also that my left hand mirror bodge (more info on this at a later stage) would hold. The motivation for this was a run on Sunday down to Laragh and Glenmallure and boy was it totally worth it!

The weather was absolutely amazing for it. Met up with a pile of GS riders a Ducati and a stunningly restored Norton 750 Commando and took some nice and not so nice roads through the Wicklow Mountains as far as Laragh for breakfast. Got a nice bit of a sunburn drinking coffee outdoors in Glenmallure to boot!

I'm sad to say the CB isn't in the best condition though. Having it parked up for so long has taken its toll. The front forks felt a bit lumpy on the way home and when I stopped at the lights I realised why... Both seals had been spewing fork oil for the majority of the spin. Now I know the bike is well due a service but that just makes me feel bad!

Some problems with point fixation and a general unease after being off the bike for so long has encouraged me to save for some lessons. Need to make a choice now. Do I keep the CB off the road and completely strip it down and restore it (and possibly modify it a little) or do I part it out?

Decisions, decisions. I'll take some photos and do a complete breakdown of what I'd like to do in the coming weeks. Ideally if I can get a workshop set up where the shed is currently I'll take it off the road (and get the tax exemption form stamped by the Gardai!!) and tear it down and build it back up properly over a few months.

Until next time, keep 'er in between the hedges.