Back in business - nearly!

I'm over the moon at the moment. Nearly back on the road! Brought the bike complete with rung engine mount (Sorry Tom!) down to TQSRacing and tasked Tom with fitting the R&Gs. Given I had rung the mount and it was probably welded in there from the last 13 years the bike has been on the road it was a big ask. I have to say, Tom never fails to live up to the title of being a decent skin. Aright, enough of the brown nosing... but if you're on the Northside of Dublin and ya need a mechanic for anything from servicing to fault finding or whatever bikewise he's the man to go to!

So got the bike back Wednesday the 22nd and after all the hours spent drilling the bolt out the total bill was very competitive! Even got the battery charged up before I collected it.

Between one thing and another I didn't get a chance to start the bike since then and haven't taken her out for a proper spin yet. So tomorrow morning I'll be down to the motor factors to buy a charger. Then a good clean and a carb sync is in order.

Still need to get down to the clutch to check the basket and replace the plates and springs with the heavy duty EBC ones I bought on ebay many moons ago. Then a service, new oil / oil filter and check the gap on the spark plugs at some point.

Hopefully will be out for a spin on Sunday morning with a few of the lads. Think Peter has a new GS since the last time I saw him. Should be good fun! Will update (promise this time...) with pics and some more progress soon.

Take 'er handy